About The Festival
To celebrate Moon Festival and promote the festival and cultures alike into Canberra multicultural society.

In 2016, CMF was successfully launched at Old Bus Depot Market on 10th September. It received massive support from the local Chinese and Asian communities and attracted around 6000 guests in merely one afternoon.
This year CMF returns with an even greater ambition - uniting as many Moon Festival celebrating cultural groups as possible by celebrating in  Canberra Theatre Centre Forecourt extending to Civic Square, and in partnership with Canberra Theatre Centre.
Logo History
CMF logo had an open competition in 2016.  Paul's desgin standed out from the public voting. 

​Paul’s design is inspired by Mid-Autumn’s signature imagery of a full moon, which is embedded with ‘Canberra Moon Festival’ in both English and Chinese characters in the shape of ancient Chinese garden windows and a well-recognised Canberra landmark - the Telstra Tower.​

Winner Logo - From Paul Xu

CMF Host
Life is a celebration, and at Eastar, we believe there is no better way to celebrate than with your community.
We have a passion for bringing people together and celebrating diversity, and provide media, event and marketing services to help individuals and businesses in Canberra design, create and coordinate remarkable community events.

Eastar operates under a not-for-profit model, and donates its profits to charities that are actively working towards creating a sustainable future for us all.

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